Employment, Career Development & Mobilities

Employment opportunities, career progression and mobilities for Young Researchers and Innovators (YRIs) are complex issues that require a multidimensional approach. Through workshops, focus groups, and a training school, the WG1 will seek to gather best practices of measures for YRIs- and gender-sensitive recruitment and evaluation procedures in RPOs and RFOs. It will also assess measures taken to enhance working conditions and career progression, addressing, among other things, the assignment of administrative and less valued tasks in the professional sphere to female YRIs, as well as their main domestic responsibilities.

The WG1 will examine efforts taken to tackle horizontal segregation across disciplinary fields, while simultaneously ensuring that female YRIs have adequate transferable skills and receive guidance to integrate in other sectors through an interdisciplinary approach. This may be especially relevant amongst the tech start-up milieu, which itself is a priority under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

Finally, the group will address the gendered obstacles encountered amidst the requirement for mobility for YRIs, including mobility along geographical, disciplinary and intersectoral axes.

*Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.