Leadership & Decision-Making

Inclusive and diverse leadership is needed for a democratic research system and more effective policymaking (McKinsey 2017), yet the share of women in decision-making positions is still low across European R&I Institutions. The proportion of women among heads of institutions in the Higher Education sector in Europe was 21,7% in 2017 (She Figures, 2018) and the presence of Young Researchers and Innovators (YRIs) within decision making bodies and committees remains even lower, if not completely absent or without significant impact. This Working Group seeks to gather best practices that work towards an integration of YRIs in decision-making bodies and the consideration of their specific challenges, from a gender perspective, by institutional leaders. The WG2 has two main objectives:
– To bring YRIs, especially female ones, into decision-making bodies
– To change the discussion culture in those bodies in order to ensure efficient and impactful engagement of YRIs in dialogues and negotiations

*Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.