Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is regarded as a transversal topic of this Action since it overlaps all content related WGs. In Horizon 2020 in total 17 projects dealing specifically with structural change towards gender equity in research performing organizations have been funded. Gender equality plans (GEPs) with targeted measures were designed and implemented in research institutions across Europe. Monitoring and evaluation activities are essential for providing evidence on the effectiveness and assessing the impact of institutional intervention measures.

The first objective of WG6 is to bring together existing practical monitoring and evaluation knowledge accumulated in past and 19 ongoing gender equality projects, which was already started by some projects (e.g. as integral part of the EFFORTI toolbox, in the GenderTime Monitoring Handbook, or the PLOTINA Monitoring tool).

The second objective is to make this collected know-how available in an action-oriented way for relevant stakeholders, such as practitioners in the field of gender equality or similar, with the help of knowledge co-production activities. A special focus, and a third crosscutting WG objective, lies on the definition of adequate impact indicators to identify successful initiatives, which support YRIs at different levels of their career progression.

Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.