To better understand the complexity of YRIs’ career paths and experiences within research and innovations institutions, intersectionality is so far the most appropriate approach. The WG5 will (1) explore the multiples dimensions of each topic covered by the four thematic WGs (WG1 to WG4). It will examine how gender, interwoven with other systems of power linked to social categories such ethnicity, race, social class, disability, sexual orientation (the European Commission has recently launched its LGBTIQ Equality Strategy), produces specific vulnerabilities and obstacles for YRIs. To enable this first step, the WG will provide tools, invite experts, and share best practices on existing actions adopting an intersectional perspective through cross-cutting workshops. Its second objective (2) will then be to translate this co-created knowledge into concrete and implementable policy measures to provide recommendations to stakeholders.

  • Victoria Showunmi, Leader WG5
  • Athina Samara, Deputy WG 5
  • Nicole Haring, Community Officer
  • Jowita Radzińska, Ethnics Officer
  • Elifnur Terzioğlu, Communication Officer

*Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.