Gender as a Research Dimension

The integration of research as a gender dimension remains an area where least progress has been made regarding the advancement of gender equality in the research sector (ERAC 2020). Given the obvious need to ensure that the next generation of researchers is well-equipped to make research gender-sensitive, the main objective of WG3 is the development of a training programme (for face-to face and online contexts) geared towards YRIs, and especially YRIs in COST ITC.

WG3 will draw inspiration from established programmes (e.g. the ‘Gender Academy’ and ‘Gendered Innovations’) and will involve experts (such as the European Commission Expert Group on Gendered Innovations). A second objective is to examine case studies where gender has been integrated successfully into research, to circulate best practices of tools and methods to integrate gender in all stages of the research process and to identify in participating institutions impactful gender training in PhD training programmes.

*Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.