On the occasion of 8th March, International Women’s Day, VOICES wanted to highlight some of its young female researchers. To this purpose, a series of videos have been created under the hashtag #HearOurVOICES, with the aim of making known their opinions about gender equality and the importance of research taking into account the gender perspective, as well as the intersectional perspective.

The campaign involves Vivian Stamou (Athenea RC, Greece), Sara Pilia (Eurodoc, Italy), Nicole Haring (UniGraz, Austria), Marina GarcĂ­a (UV-UCC, Spain), Anna Hata (UCL, United Kingdom) and Liva Grinevica (Latvian Council of Science, Latvia). Listen to the voices of our young women researchers:

Asked about the importance of achieving and working for gender equality, they point out that it is very important to count on all women to leave no one behind. Despite the actions that are being carried out in the European Union, day by day we see that they are not enough and that we need to give a much stronger push or it will take more than 50 years to achieve gender equality.

Research cannot be complete without taking into account the gender dimension, but it is not only important to consider gender but also how it intersects with race, class, disability, sexual orientation… Doing research, and doing science, allows you to name and identify situations, and when you know about them, you can look for solutions.