Lorenza Perini is researcher at the department of Political Science (Spgi) of the University of Padua. Since 2013, She has been teaching “Gender, Eu policies and Globalization” (master’s degree) and “Gender policies” (three-year degree). In 2011 she had a PhD in History and geography of modern and contemporary Europe at the University of Bologna. In 2015 she obtained her second PhD, in Territorial planning and public policies, at the IUAV University of Venice, both with thesis in a gender perspective.
She was part of the consortium of the Eu 7fp Project “Gendertime” (2013-2016) for the development of gender equality tools and measures and I’m currently representing the academic staff in the Equal Opportunity commission of my University being one of the responsible for the Gender Equality Plan.

She is Action Vice Chair. Let’s get to know her better through the following interview:

What encouraged you to participate in VOICES?

Because although the long experience in the Italian Academia, I’m still in a precarious path of career. Maybe my experience can be useful for VOICES aims.

What are the core areas of work of the tasks that you lead?

I’m vice chair of the project. I am currently leading the construction of the VOICES framework.

What do you expect from your participation in VOICES?

I would like to be able to transfer to my university a different spirit and approach on the topic of gender equality, which is not only taking care of numbers! We are very self-centric and out of all the networks of critical ideas and new policies on gender equality. I hope we can really find effective ways and tools for communication. It is very important!

If you want to know more about Lorenza Perini, please, is available here: http://www.unicitylab.eu/chi-siamo/lorenza-perini/