June 2022

Working Group 6 meeting in Vilnius

On June 9, 2022, a Management Committee meeting, and parallel meetings of all working groups in hybrid format took place in Vilnius, including a meeting of the working group 6 “Monitoring & evaluation” chaired by leader Maria Brown. In the meeting the WG6 discussed what has already been done in the framework of the WG6 on the practical monitoring and evaluation of knowledge on gender equality, and what still needs to be done to conduct [...]

WG3 held its second virtual meeting

WG3, led by Clemens Striebing and Anita Thaler, held its second virtual meeting on June 22. Anita Thaler reported back from Vilnius Annual Meeting for members who didn’t have the chance to attend the in-person meeting, underscoring the need to bring clarity to the crucial goal of WG3: to integrate gender in knowledge production, both in research and in teaching. To that end, we’ve inaugurated a Case Study Discussion Series which will allow members from [...]

Successful first annual VOICES meeting

The 1st Annual Meeting in Vilnius has ended successfully. On June 8, 9 and 10 we met in Vilnius (Lithuania) members of the Management Committee, Workings groups and Core Group. During the 3 days of the meeting we were able to meet face to face, work and discuss together about gender inequalities among young researchers. It was the first time that an MC meeting was held in mixed modality, with people both in person and [...]

1st Annual Meeting will be held in Lithuania

The Centre of Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius (Lithuania) will host the Anual Meeting of the Working Groups, Management Committee and Core Group on 8, 9 and 10 June. It is the first annual VOICES meeting where, for the first time, members of the committee, working groups and core group will meet face to face. All plenary sessions and the main parallel sessions will be available online, as the meeting will take place in [...]

May 2022

“I was encouraged to participate in VOICES by the possibility of changing the existing working conditions for ECRs”, Dalia Satkovskiene, Grant Awarding Coordinator.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Satkovskiene is a physicist and an affiliated (distinguished) scientist at Vilnius University. She graduated from Moscow M. Lomonosov State University as elementary particle physicist. Later she changed the field of research to the Quantum Theory of molecules. She is an author of more than 130 publications in scientific journals and 4 textbooks in theoretical physics. Among other professional awards she has the American Physical Society international Marshak award (2008). D. Šatkovskienė [...]

Call for participants for the Summer School 2022

The Intersectionality, Research, and Action International Summer School (IRAISS) will be held on the 12-15 of July 2022 in Krakow, Poland. The IRAISS is designed as a focused and innovative opportunity to engage novice and experienced scholars and activists in critical discourse, research, and epistemologies on intersectional research, theory, and practice. How do we approach the learning dynamics in the Summer School? This dynamic institute is purposed to explore and build knowledge on intersectional research, [...]

“I would like to be able to transfer to my university a different spirit and approach on the topic of gender equality” Lorenza Perini, Vice-Chair.

Lorenza Perini is researcher at the department of Political Science (Spgi) of the University of Padua. Since 2013, She has been teaching “Gender, Eu policies and Globalization” (master’s degree) and “Gender policies” (three-year degree). In 2011 she had a PhD in History and geography of modern and contemporary Europe at the University of Bologna. In 2015 she obtained her second PhD, in Territorial planning and public policies, at the IUAV University of Venice, both with [...]

April 2022

2nd MC Meeting online is held

On 29th April 2022, it was held in an online format the 2nd MC Meeting. Anne-Sophie Godfroy (chair) reminded the highlighted objectives of the project: visibility and voices for precarious academic workers; attention to gender equality plans, networking with stakeholders inside and outside academia. Marian Blanco (Science Communication Coordinator) presents the launching of the website and twitter account (follow us at @gender_voices). The Working Groups presented how they were formed, their first meetings and the [...]

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