The 1st Annual Meeting in Vilnius has ended successfully. On June 8, 9 and 10 we met in Vilnius (Lithuania) members of the Management Committee, Workings groups and Core Group. During the 3 days of the meeting we were able to meet face to face, work and discuss together about gender inequalities among young researchers.

It was the first time that an MC meeting was held in mixed modality, with people both in person and virtually.

Family photo – MC members


Anne-Sophie Godfroy, VOICES chair, gave an overview of the achievements in grant period 1.

Anne-Sophie Godfroy, VOICES chair.

We discussed the overlaps of our working groups (thinking about careers, leadership, gender in research, gender-based violence) with the transversal topics of intersectionality and evaluation. For instance evaluating career trajectories of beneficiaries of research grants is such a topic, which is covered by the @eu_granted project, which is highly relevant to us. Another example is „Gendered Innovations 2“, a policy report produced by the EU funded H2020 expert group, which provides us with methodological tools for sex, gender and intersectional analysis

Thanks to the FTMC for hosting the meeting, to the University of Vilnius and BASNET for their collaboration, and to Dalia Šatkovskienė, member of the Core Group, for organizing it.