Members of the VOICES Core Group were in Brussels on 24 and 25 April 2023 to meet with stakeholders of the European Parliament to learn about the measures that are being adopted and proposed in order to adapt our recommendations to current and future EU policies, and to establish possible collaborations between the results of VOICES work and the actions to be carried out.

Each meeting started with a presentation of the Action and a tour de table of the WG leaders to present the objectives of VOICES and the results being produced. The meetings took place with:

1st meeting : Roberta Metsola team. Encounter with Melanie Koeller (Member of Cabinet,  S & D, background as lawyer)

2nd meeting : Helena Dalli Cabinet. Encounter with : Jeanne Ponte, David Kerr, Lesia Radelicki

3rd Meeting :  Gwendoline Delbos (French MEP, EU Green Party)

4th Meeting : Anne Pépin (Senior Policy Officer at DG Research & Innovation – Gender Sector of the European Commission)


Among others, VOICES mentioned the problem of mobility of young mothers &  the problem of social rights for young researchers who are very mobile in the European Union. Perspectives for FP10 (which will take over from HORIZON Europe) are to be discussed in June. It is important that possible claims and improvements for young researchers from a gender perspective can be included in the new programme FP10.