On June 9, 2022, a Management Committee meeting, and parallel meetings of all working groups in hybrid format took place in Vilnius, including a meeting of the working group 6 “Monitoring & evaluation” chaired by leader Maria Brown.

In the meeting the WG6 discussed what has already been done in the framework of the WG6 on the practical monitoring and evaluation of knowledge on gender equality, and what still needs to be done to conduct research on women’s career development trends.

In the discussions, Anneleen Mortier and Maria Brown emphasised the importance of distinguishing between a theoretical approach between monitoring and evaluation in future research. The definition of the term “young researcher” was also discussed.

The WG6 also discussed women’s well-being, gender perspectives, career opportunities and development, and professional networking issues, with a particular focus on further research based on women’s personal experiences.

Liva Grinevica noted that when analysing the personal experience stories of the interviewed women, special attention should be paid to the young woman’s opportunities to receive financial support for career development, which is an important driving force for a woman’s future career and can significantly influence choices.

Z. Mavis Yildirim emphasised that there was sufficient support for young researchers in Turkey and that it would be very valuable to analyse and compare financial support opportunities between countries. This is a very important aspect.

At the end of the working group’s discussion, it was noted that future research should also focus on cross-country comparisons based on equal opportunities for young researchers, financial support for doctoral students, scholarship opportunities, jobs, stable careers, etc.