Workshop “Intersectionality and Urban Spaces” organized by WG5 – Intersectionality will take place on June 6th, 2023 – 17:30 (CET). The workshop proposes that participants, through their experiences, think about the city and its limitations. The idea is to reflect on the inequalities that affect different individuals in different ways within urban spaces, through an intersectional and critical perspective of the patriarchal political and social structures that are reflected in the urban space.


01. Dialogue with Prof. Patricia Reus about urban design from an intersectional perspective and examples of good practices to improve the lives of all citizensProfessor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of Cartagena, SpainPhD in Research in Sustainable Architecture and Urban Planning from University of Alicante, Spain02. Practical activityParticipants are invited to submit photographs of good and bad examples ofinclusive urban design in their neighborhoods in the link:
For that, we ask for your contribution, by sending ONE or TWO photographs. Photographs must be authorial and may show good or bad practices in urban planning and design.


*The Zoom link will be sent one or two days before to the workshop.